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What We Do

Bidpro provides a flexible online auction platform to suit your needs.

Realtime Live Stream Auctions

Combine live auctions with online bidding in real time. Get more bidders with Online Auction livestreaming. Whether it’s real estate, livestock or automotive, livestream auctions can help drive up the final price. We make use of the latest livestream technology to bring you real time streaming with virtually no delay.

Virtual Live Auctions

Create virtual live auctions where lots open sequentially and closes after a pre-set time of no bidding.

Timed Online Auctions

Create timed auctions with pre-set closing times. Closing times will be extended while active bidding is taking place.

About Us

BidPro provides the most flexible online auction platform available.

  • Cloud hosted.
  • No Setup Fees.
  • Custom branded Auction Website.
  • Custom branded Mobile App.
  • Cost effective.


Branded Agent Sites

You have worked hard to build a brand and corporate identity. BidPro provides a cloud-based auction platform that is branded with your corporate logo and colours. Do not lose customers by sending them to a generic auction site where your auctions are hosted together with that of your competitors.

Auction Control Centre

With our Auction Control Centre, you can setup an auction in minutes. You can specify the auction format, set start and end dates and add lots to your auction.

Auction Formats

Bidpro provides the widest range of auction formats available. Live Auctions integrates live auctions with online auctions where online bidders bid against floor bidders in real-time and live streaming brings the action and excitement of the live auction to online bidder. Virtual Live auctions follows the format of live auctions where lots open in sequence and all bidders bid against each other on one lot at a time. The lot will be open for a specified time and once closed the next lot will open for bidding. With Timed Auctions, lots will have a pre-defined closing time and the closing time will be extended if bids are placed within 2 minutes of the closing time to give bidders enough time to place bids.

Mobile App

80% of online bidders prefer to bid from their mobile devices. Make use of our mobile app or let us develop a customised app for you.

Download our free Mobile App and bid on auctions directly from your smart mobile device.

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Intelligent bid increments

Set your own bid increments. Bidpro will then monitor the bidding pattern of bidders and automatically adjust the bid increments as the bidding progress.


In app notifications will keep your bidders informed during bidding. Receive reminders of upcoming auctions and get a notification if someone else has placed a higher bid than you.

Bidder Registration

Bidders needs to register before every auction. You can specify the documents that are required in order to approve the registration. Bidders can upload these documents during registration. Registration must be approved before they can bid on lots.

Bidder Profile

Bidders can create multiple profiles to register for different auctions. Profiles can be used when bidding on behalf of different entities. Each profile can contain different Company details, addresses and Vat Numbers.

Vat/Tax and Commission

You can easily specify the buyers commission and Vat/Tax on a lot by lot basis or globally for the auction.


Easily produce invoices after completion of auction. Invoices contain the details of the auction house, the buyer as well as the seller if applicable.

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