Golden Key Face of Covid Art Auction

Golden Key Face of Covid Art Auction


Contact No: 012 003 2990

Email: [email protected]

Start: 2021-11-22 06:00

End: 2021-12-03 12:00

Tax Rate on Fees: 15,00%

Currency: ZAR

Since living with the Covid pandemic for nearly 18 months, we all have unique experiences, exposure, and emotions of how Covid affected – and is still affecting – our daily lives, work, study, recreation, and relationships.
During the most difficult times in history, people have communicated their feelings through various art forms. Art not only portrays our lives and times, but also serves as therapy to deal with matters that we otherwise find difficult to understand or process. The freedom to express our emotions or creativity is not just a prerogative for professional or seasoned artists but is there for everyone to explore and enjoy.
With this in mind, Golden Key South Africa (GKSA) invites members and non-members to create and submit their own visual work comprising paintings and sculptures on the theme: The Face of Covid. The purpose of the Face of Covid art project is to hold a virtual exhibition and auction in November 2021. Proceeds of the auctioned items will be split 50/50 between the artist and a student fund to sponsor the GKSA joining fees of students that cannot afford it.

Auction Contact: Maryke Bain (012 003 2990) Email: [email protected] 

Shipping Costs:

The Buyer shall pay Golden Key all costs to courier the goods purchased on the Site to his/her/its chosen destination and Golden Key shall facilitate the courier process. This amount will be determined and paid prior to the purchased goods being sent to the Buyer.


Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in South African Rand and are exclusive of VAT.

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