Family Market: Second Chance

Family Market: Second Chance

Presented by: CosmoCentral

Contact No: 087 405 3999

Email: [email protected]

Start: 2023-07-19 08:00

End: 2023-07-24 17:00

Tax Rate on Fees: ,00%

Currency: ZAR

1. Second Chance Auction.


2.  Exclusive participation by the direct staff/employees of the Cosmopolitan/Central Developments Group.


3.  Successful bidders must arrange for payment with the owner of the lot, NO salary deductions will be accepted.


5.  The AUCTIONEER may average the bid prices.


6.  ALL items are sold "voetstoots" or "as is" and collection must be arranged with the owner of the lot.


7.  Please register with your work email address.


8.  The Bid prices all includes VAT.


9.  NOTE:  Your bid is the price for the specific lot only.

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