001 - Adele van Heerden | Imagining Utopia I


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14 500 ZAR
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Imagining Utopia I 


Ink and Gouache on Film

60 x 84cm



Estimated value between R14500 & R17500


Artist statement:

Nature remains deeply ingrained in our language, culture, and consciousness. For years we have acted on an intuitive sense that we need connection with nature to feel well.

Now, in the moment of our migration away from the wild and towards urbanisation, more and more scientific evidence confirms its place at the heart of our psychological well-being.

This project started a year ago on my residency at Cité des Arts Paris, during which I had the opportunity to visit many greenhouses and urban nature areas.

I noticed an inclination to incorporate greenery, trees and gardens with the urban landscape and architecture. I am particularly interested in human-made spaces and buildings which

work in symbiosis with greenery and plants. “Imagining Utopia” is based on a picture I took while visiting the Bois de Vincennes Greenhouses and Botanical Gardens in Paris.


About the artist: 

Adele van Heerden pays close attention to complexity. As an artist and curator living in a world where the binary has been replaced by the spectrum, Van Heerden revels in the

beauties of the multifarious, creating intricate pieces in ink and gouache on paper which juxtapose the natural world with human history. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she

produces finely detailed, often layered work as a personal response to the particular social, historical and political conditions she finds herself in.

Having studied curatorship at a graduate level allows Van Heerden to bring ideas from both of her undergraduate fields of study – fine arts and history/politics – together in her

fine arts practice. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from the Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2010, Van Heerden continued her studies at the University of South Africa,

obtaining a BA in History and Politics. In 2015, she graduated from the University of Cape Town with an Honours Degree in Curatorship.


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