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50 000 USD
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25 years after Shallow Waters became Just Jinjer's first Number 1 song in South Africa, 5 of SA's top iconic voices of that era now join ARD matthews and the band to celebrate and give tribute to this milestone. Now, ARD Matthews has released the official video for the 25 year anniversary edition for the hit song Shallow Waters. This is project resembles a one-of-a-kind piece of South African history that combines a Digital Asset(Token/NFT) with tangible items.

To view the NFT and more info about the project, go to App.momint.so . 

The Artists who helped create this masterpiece and 25 year anniversary edition of Shallow Waters are: 

  1. Brent, Denom & Ard from Just Jinger

  2. Francois van Coke

  3. Kurt Darren

  4. Karen Zoid

  5. Arno Carstens

  6. Ross Leermanth

Buying this Digital Asset/ Token, gives the holder the following ownership rights and benefits: 

1. The MP3 and MP4 file of the song, with personal ownership rights(No Commercial rights granted)

2. Two Vinyl copies of the song, with the NFT ID located on each vinyls' sticker. First press vinyl is for the HMV gramophone and the second press vinyl is for a standard vinyl player (there will only ever be two Vinyls of the song made)

3. A pre-war era HMV Gramophone, for the owner to do with as they please. 

4. Handwritten lyrics inside the Gramophone. 

* Free Delivery of the HMW Gramophone, one-of-one vinyl and lyrics, to any buyer located in South Africa. 

For more information, please email [email protected]

Terms and conditions

  1.  The purchaser understands that they are not purchasing the rights to the Song itself and cannot sell or otherwise utilise the song for any monetary gain or commercial purpose whatsoever.
  2. This means the Token owner may not use the MP3, MP4 or Vinyl record for any commercial purpose or to generate any monetary value, except in the case of selling the Token and its physical items to another purchaser.


Auctioneer: Ard Mathews - Shallow Waters

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3 Hilton Roy Coverly 2022-12-15 08:42:54 50 000
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