001 - Tertius Van Dyk - The Neolithic Wonder


Opening Bid: 60 000 ZAR


60 000 ZAR
Last Warning!

A surrealist dream

Stone Henge has always been an intriguing landmark for Tertius van Dyk.

The builders of the Neolithic period were considered masters in their craft, and this is Tertius' tribute to them.

Tertius is an avid lover of everything earthy. He uses mixed mediums in his art but mostly works in Acrylic.

Tertius has featured in many prestigious exhibitions all over the country, showcasing his love for art and nature.

The owner of this NFT will receive a high-quality original print that is signed by Tertius himself. 


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0 Floor Bidder 2022-03-26 17:19:16 60 000
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